Yesterday I watched a Christian movie with my family wherein the Pastor and many of the Brethren were looking very poor while of a reachout then my little Girl asked “why is the Pastor and the Brethren looking that poor?” I was not surprised to hear that anyway because I grew up hearing people comparing poverty to a “Church Rat.” On a serious note, Christians were always painted poor upto late 70s.

He is the King of Kings

It is never the will of God, the Creator of the Heavens and Earth for those He has Called and chosen to be poor. The Children of a wealthy King can’t be poor except they chosed to. When you see a Child of a King living in poverty it obviously means that something hs gone wrong. The Bible recorded in 1. Peter 1:3 that God by “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.” You will notice that it says “He has given us all things” with nothing missing. So why should a Child of God be financially handicapped?

Money is needed to take good care of our Body and it is not excluded from the list list of “all things” that God has given to us by his divine power. All Gold and Silver belong to God as stated in Haggai therefore we ought to be sufficient in what Silver and God (Money) can buy. Today, money has so much power that if it falls into the wrong hand, they use it to commit great havoc and if it falls into the hand of the Righteous ones, it will use it to promote love.

Money and Evangelism

The Gospel needs so much money to be able to get to the remote part of the World. While walking on the surface of the Earth, the master Jesus never lack money or what money could get to be able to carry out His mission. On one occasion He needed a very good position to stand on to be able to minister to the congregration then He requested for a boat from one of the Fishermen and in another occassion he needed to enter Jerusalem triumphantly and called for a Donkey that has never been used and the Bible also recorded how he fed multitudes in several occasions. Those were the actions of a Wealthy King and the Word of God says “as he is so are we also in this World”

Rich people talk to rich people and this is the World we are today where money has define social boundaries. For you to be able to preach to the rich people with ease, you get to be rich also. A couple of years back, we went to street evangelism in Germany. As a flyer that stated that “with Jesus, all your struggles are over” was given to a seemingvly looking Rich man, he returned it and said “you are the one that needed to go out of struggling not me.” Indeed we later confirmed that he was very rich. The story would have been different if both were flying on a first class from Sydney to New York.

Money rules

Money is a strong instrument in the governing of any nation worldwide. With it you can find your way into the administrative and decision making units. The bible says ” when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” Staying away from the policy making body makes Christians to be vulnerable to all kinds of unwelcoming decisions and many of which are fighting against the Church of Christ. Christian need to take an active position in the decision making Organ whereever they are to be able to fight for the rights and values of the Brethren and christian Organisations. To achieve this easily, so much money is needed.


Though the Bible recorded that the love of money is the root of evil, it is the will of God for His Children (anyone that believe in Christ with his/her and confess with his/her mouth) to be self sufficient in all things making it easy for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be preach with ease in accordance with the great commission.

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