The Bible recorded in Psalm 24:1 that “the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” The entire Earth and beyond as well as everything within and outside not excluding anything and including Man. These fullness dwell in Christ Jesus and having made peace through the Blood of his Cross, by him to recocile all things unto himself both in Heaven and in the Earth. Colossians 1:16:20

You cannot be the Child of the One that own things and be financially poor. No wonder while walking on the surface of the Earth, Jesus didn’t lack anything. In the Old Testament, the Bible recorded how rich Abraham, Isaac, David, Solomon just to medntion bet a few were. How God blessed them with Wealth demonstrated that He is not againt Wealth and Money.

Money is Power and can do so much havoc too. The lack of Money and the strong and unguided desire to have it drives the people to commit crimes and sin. That is what the love for money can lead to. A situation where some individual or group wants to do anything irrespective of the cost or consequence to have the money.

Joseph of Arimatheas went to Pilate boldly to request for the body of Jesus because of his positon that could have resulted from his Wealth and he offered his rock-hewn tomb where no one had ever been laid for the burial. When you are financially wealthy, you have abundant. To be able to host Jesus of Nazareth in his days on Earth, you got to be very wealthy because he always moved with his Followers. These also demonstrted that Christian needs to be very rich financially.

Finally, as someone in Christ Jesus, you have the Grace to be rich but many are failing to put their faith to work and grab all that they equire to live a wonderful life here on earth from the throne of grace. So much money is need for the spread of the Gospel. There is nothing wrong if a Christian is the most wealthy man on Earth! If you don’t grab the Money, others will get hold of it and use it to fight against the spreading of the Gospel.

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