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A Great Way to Read Your Bible!

A new Bible reading program has been released which approaches the Bible in a new and unique way than most people are used to. It offers the reader an opportunity to read all of the way through the Bible – to do it chronologically – and to do it in just a year! For people […]

Christ is Coming Soon

How ready is the Church? People are look up to Heaven each time the World is shakened mysteriously or by forces that is beyond human comprehension. Naturally, fear is the major factor that draws people closer to God and anytime man is threatened by incidences that could lead to death, they go down on their […]

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Can Prayer Change Things?

The fervent prayer of a Righteous person has the super ability to change any situation from dilapidation to divinty. As a Believer, you have to endowed with a name that is greater than every other name in heaven and on earth. That name is Christ Jesus and Jesus by himself decreed and declared that whatever […]


Why do you need money?

Yesterday I watched a Christian movie with my family wherein the Pastor and many of the Brethren were looking very poor while of a reachout then my little Girl asked “why is the Pastor and the Brethren looking that poor?” I was not surprised to hear that anyway because I grew up hearing people comparing […]

money is power

Does Christians need so much money?

The Bible recorded in Psalm 24:1 that “the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” The entire Earth and beyond as well as everything within and outside not excluding anything and including Man. These fullness dwell in Christ Jesus and having made peace through the Blood of his […]

This is the reality

Over the years, many have turn away from Christianity under the auspices of western Civilization especially those nations that pioneered the World Missionary movement. It is a well know fact that almost all the Western Nations used the teachings in the Holy Bible as the basis of their Constitutions. Today, Churches many buildings are sold […]

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Concert: Don Moen in Alaska

August 1-8, 2020 Don Moen will be heading north to Alaska for the Cruise of a lifetime! Don Moen is inviting you to join him and his friends; Bob Fitts Music Lenny LeBlanc and Paul Baloche for a week filled with sightseeing and worship. For more information, Go to