Damita Haddon


Artist Birtday : 04/09/1971 (Age 50)
Born In : Detroit Michigan

Born, Damita Dawn Bass on September 4, 1971 in a township of Detroit Michigan called Lincoln Park to the proud parents, Reverend Walter Bass and minister Ruby Bass. Damita was born an identical twin 1 minute after her sister Marguerita Bass (Howard). Damita was surrounded by music in her home and her church. Her father formed their singing group “The Bass Family” consisting of her parents, her and her twin sister. Preparing for the church musical her family rearranged and performed their own version of My Country Tis of Thee. Damita’s musical influences seemed from both father and mother who studied classical & choral music. Damita became more serious in her teens when she and her sister formed a female accappella group called “Adoration N Prayze” in the early 90’s. Her group was invited to sing at birthday party in Indiana for a record executive and shortly after hearing them sing Damita and her group were asked to signed their first record deal with the gospel record label TM Records ran by Tim & Tanya Harris out of Indianapolis Indiana. In 1991 Damita released her first record and made her entrance into the gospel industry professionally with her group Adoration M Prayze. The record entitled “Time Is Running Out” was produced by long time friend Aaron Lindsay and Arif Martin. The album went on to receive multiple Stella Awards nominations. Damita’s first single received much recognition in industry, entitled “He’s Wonderful” written and arranged by her on the Adoration N Prayze project. This song caught the attention of famous music producer and director and artist Donald Lawrence who recorded Damita’s song again under the name title “Great Things” on his 1995 live project “Bible Stories” released from Detroit based gospel label Crystal Rose.

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